Megafanstore Marketing Ltd (WKN A2P3BJ) — agrees strategic cooperation with YDX Innovation (TSX-V : YDX) a leading developer of VR and AR technologies

Dear shareholders,

Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. has agreed a strategic cooperation with YDX Innovation Inc.(Toronto Stock Exchange:TSX-V: YDX) for the marketing of project services in the areas of virtual reality, augment reality and immersive technologies. The aim is to win key account project customers in the European football sector.

Interactive goal scoring at the 2014 World Cup with Coca Cola

YDX Innovation is a pioneer in the field of VR and immersive technologies with well-known customers such as Intel, Adidas, Boeing, Coca Cola or Walt Disney. For example, an extensive entertainment project using VR technology is currently being developed for Walt Disney. For the World Cup in Brazil, Coca Cola has also been a major project for football fans.

The project offers for football clubs start with an investment of 50,000 euros and can increase to a medium single-digit million amount depending on the scope. On the one hand there will be an offer for the stationary installations with, for example, interactive shots of the fans in the virtual stadium in fan stores, up to the complete development of a virtual “museum” with the entire club history with historical moments of the club.

On the other hand, the offer includes Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions that the fan can use at home on the Mobile or PC, which is particularly interesting in the current Corona era, since fans can be offered a virtual / interactive entertainment offer that comes as close as possible to a real event in the stadium, and opportunities for fan experiences.

In the development and distribution of the overall concept for football clubs, we will work closely with our cooperation partner The Great Branding, who has been a UEFA licensed partner for 20 years and has close contact with all major football clubs in Europe.

Sales synergies with Megafanworld 3D Game

The cooperation in the sale of YDX innovation products also has enormous synergies with the sales activities and the partner acquisition for our fan-online game app “Megafanworld” ( JV with FDS Soft), since we are already starting discussions with football clubs here. In the first step, a version with a simple 3D fun game will be available, which in principle is similar to the well-known grouse game classic. A ranking of the best players will appear in the game, along with a total score of all players, so that the fans of a team can compete collectively for points against another city. At the end of the competition, we will select the German Megafanworld gaming champion with a presentation of the “bowl”. In addition to the big trend of mobile gaming, we are also moving in the direction of e-sports, but in a simple variant for the masses.

In the medium term we see a potential of more than 100 million downloads and players and a significant source of income with the game app. Comparable soccer game apps already have download numbers of up to 200 million users. We see a clear competitive advantage through our concept with the intended cooperation with clubs and the competitive nature of a kind of championship.

I am available for any further questions.

Sincerely yours.

Andreas Schmidt

CEO and founder, Megafanstore

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CEO of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd.

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Andreas Schmidt

Andreas Schmidt

CEO of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd.

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