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FAQ October 2019

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FAQ 28.Oct. 2019

What do you have about having a Megafan Token?

A token represents one share of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd.. Shareholders will be entered in the Company House at the time of subscription. In addition, the shares can then be delivered as tokens via the Stellar Blockchain.

What is the advantage of the Megafan Token?

The main advantage of the token is that it can be delivered directly to the shareholders or token holders and they are then in direct control of their share in the company. The Megafan Token is then fungible and can be transferred by any shareholder to another compatible wallet.

How can you get the Megafan Token?

To get the Megafantoken, you need a wallet that is compatible. Preferably the Stellar Wallet should be used.

If you have a wallet on Stellar you have to set a trustline to the Megafan token, the symbol is MEGA:

Where is the Megafan Token registered?

The Megafan Token was registered on the Stellar Blockchain under the symbol: MEGA, the number of existing tokens corresponds exactly to the number of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd shares currently available. As of October 31, 2017, 731,200 shares are registered in the Company House. Accordingly, 731,200 Megafan tokens are also registered on the Stellar Blockchain.

How and on which stock market can you trade the Megafan Token?

Stellar has its own stock exchange for the tokens generated on Stellar Blockchain, which is directly compatible with Stellar Wallt. The Stellar Wallet makes it easy to trade tokens on the Stellar decentralised Exchange. Trading takes place in Stellar Lumen, the currency of the Stellar Blockchain.

Which regulatory requirements have to be met?

As the company is headquartered in London, tokenization and offering are generally the responsibility of the UK Regulatory Authority FCA: Financial Conduct Authority. However, this classifies the offering of security tokens (especially tokens on shares) as fundamentally not subject to regulation, but refers to the respective regulatory requirements in the respective country of the offer as well as to the fundamental compliance with disclosure guidance and transparency rules as well as the consideration of AML and KYC requirements.

Has Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. the permission of the BaFin to offer a security token in public?

The shares of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. are publicly available for sale in Germany. The offer is not subject to prospectus, because the offer is less than 100,000 euros. In addition, the further offer within the framework of the Family Friends Program is aimed at a target group of max. 149 investors. As the company is headquartered in London, tokenization and offering are generally the responsibility of the UK Regulatory Authority FCA: Financial Conduct Authority.

Will there be an STO of the MegaFanstore token with a Prospect and a regulated exchange listing?

Currently Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. offers anyway public shares of the company. Since the volume is under 100,000 euros per year, no Bafin certified prospectus is necessary. However, it is intended to list the Megafan token in early 2020 on a regulated security token exchange. For this purpose, a securities prospectus will be necessary, which is already in the advanced design stage and can be completed very quickly after the audit of the financial statements for 2019 by an auditor.

What is the minimum investment in the MegaFan Token?

The minimum is 1,000 Megafanstore shares or tokens. You can already buy 1 token via the Stellar Dex Exchange.

What is the transparency of the MegaFanToken?

Because all tokens as well as all transactions and all assetholders on the blockchain are publicly visible, there is maximum transparency. In addition, a graphical analysis of the evolution of the number of Assetholder and the development of the number of tokens issued publicly evident.

What is the difference of the security token to a normal ICO?

The main difference is that it is a registered company with a certain amount of capital. For this company are created to the conclusion. In addition, further capital increases will only be made against cash payments. In the last financing new shares were issued at 1.30 euros and 1.50 euros. Unlike an ICO, there can be no dramatic dilution here.

How long has society been around and what has been achieved so far?

The company exists since the end of 2016 and has already developed the necessary portals and online shops. In addition, numerous strategic partnerships have been entered into which will be monetized in the coming years. For example, in 3D scanners and avatars with 3D Your Body in Berlin or The Great Branding, the official UEFA license holder for merchandising products. A flat cost structure makes it possible to become operationally profitable relatively quickly.

What is the current company valuation and how much funds has already been invested in the company?

The current company valuation is about 1 million euros. Over the past two years, approximately EUR 0.2 million of cash and cash equivalents have been invested in the company. In addition, strategic partners with equity investments were involved.

Where is your main business?

Mainly in the field of fan products. Fan culture is a mass phenomenon in the whole world. Football, but also sports like basketball or football in the US, inspire millions of fans. Meanwhile, a real competition has emerged among the supporters of clubs that show a certain choreography and clothing. Coveted fan souvenirs include jerseys, scarves and flags as well as cups, mobile phone shells, bed linen and miniature stadiums or trophies. In addition, the development of new markets, geographically and with new innovative products.

What are the operational plans for the future?

At the moment, there is a focus on 3D figures and avatars as well as cooperation with UEFA on the China business. The normal online store with the online store. and various sales portals are added.

What is intended with the China Cooperation?

In the China business, we have found a partner to start our own stores in China next year. An essential element of the concept is to establish the UEFA Champions League Merchandising Edition in the direction of a fashion brand.

The UCL collection is also available in co-branded variants in which the individual clubs are represented with their respective club logo. With the new fresh design, we hope for a positive market entry in China.

UEFA intends to directly support the project through media and social media channels. The first design designs for the stores and the UCL China collection are now available and preparations for the launch are in full swing. The Chinese market is particularly interesting, with around 500 million football fans in China following the games of the European top trams and thus very interested in merchandising.

A highlight will be exhibiting a replica of the Champions League trophy, which will allow the Chinese fan to take photos with the trophy. Megafanstore receives ongoing compensation for all sales generated here. The concept can be implemented by Megafanstore either on its own or with partners in the USA.

What is planned in the area of ​​3D figures?

Megafanstore will market the 3D minifan ( Football fans have the opportunity to create a 3D sculpture of themselves with a trophy or a club symbol (eg a trident) in 20 to 35 cm height. The price range for the offer will be around 250 to 600 euros. There is an exclusive deal with the 3DyourBody GmbH: Megafanstore leads through marketing the 8 locations in Germany customers and receives 20% of sales.

A new location in London is being established for the market entry in the UK, and more locations are also to be opened in the UK from this location.

The successful business model of 3D Your Body in Germany will then be implemented in the UK by Megafanstore in cooperation, in effect as a franchise partner. In addition, an entry into the US market is planned following the launch in the UK, with a focus on the sports that are popular there as well as in the field of weight training.

What’s planned with the 3D avatars?

As an additional business to the 3D characters, the creation of avatars based on the body scans and the creation of 3D minimovies are offered. Avatars are becoming increasingly popular, whether for use in marketing, on social media platforms or for inclusion in movies. The avatar industry is also becoming an exciting topic for the games industry.

Avatars are becoming increasingly popular, whether for use in marketing, on social media platforms or for inclusion in movies. The avatar industry is also becoming an exciting topic for the games industry. The scanned body data enables the creation of virtual avatars — and thus offers gamers the opportunity to upload and integrate their own avatar in games and apps. For example, EA Sports football simulations have more than 100 million participating players in front of the screens worldwide.

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